Star Wars: Legion Review

When it comes to deep dives we're used to submerging into strategy, untangling what a game can offer mechanically. But when Asmodee got in touch with an offer of a review copy of Star Wars: Legion, I (Efka) decided that my deep dive with this game will be of a different variety.

Imperial Assault and Twin Shadows Review - Is This Our Game of the Year?

Imperial Assault and Twin Shadows review, featuring the misadventures of the incredibly lax imperial officer. Find out whether this makes it as our game of the year and why (or why not).

Forbidden Stars Video Review

Elaine and Efka finally meet on the field of battle and, like true philosopohers, instead of fighting with bolter pistols they tackle the important questions in life. Like, how DOES a Space Marine poop? Find out in our review of Forbidden Stars.

Memoir '44 - A Review in Honor of the D-Day Landings Anniversary

"It's time to ship out", said Elaine to Efka, grabbed her military knapsack and departed. And whilst she's gone Adam and Efka break out Memoir '44 to figure out how it's all going to play out for her.

1775: Rebellion - A Video Review by Efka and Elaine

What's this? A video review? On a bank holiday? Oh my stars and garters this has to be the best day ever. Watch as Elaine and Efka meet on the field of battle and finally figure out who won the most important battle - who gets to do the ironing.