1775: Rebellion - A Video Review by Efka and Elaine

Finally, an in-depth analysis on the birth of Mr. Potato Head. No? Are we doing something else here? OK. We can have a look at this board game as well. But be careful, if you tax me on Mr Potato Head exposure I might not like that so much and proclaim that your imperialistic dictates are just too much and announce a rebellion. Yes, it's finally that time. The second ever non-live Level Up Games video is finally here. And we have a look at 1775: Rebellion by Academy Games Happy Bank Holiday day everyone.

P.S. Last Kickstarter Roundup we had a guest, Paul Grogan, who not only demos games for CGE and designs expansions for Mage Knight, but also has his own YouTube channel called Gaming Rules! where he makes interactive tutorials for board games. This is something we all forgot to mention, so here's a link to his first video explaining to us all how we can enjoy playing Tash Kalar.