Madeira - A Video Review


*Clears throat* "Hear ye Hear ye! Thoust shall make a video review of Madeira by Monday or shall suffer the wrath of the King who will inflict a plague of ten thousand Twitter followers, all of them Beliebers AND Simon Cowell fans."

I didn't even know Simon Cowell was culturally relevant anymore! Gosh oh golly, I better get on then. How do we even make a video about Madeira in such a short amount of time? This game is massive, complicated, multi-facetted and deep layered. To go over every single rule and nuance would probably be the end of us. We do very much like it though and I hope we can get that across.

What did you say Elaine? It's done? Phew that was a close one. This is gonna blow the King's socks off.