No Pun Included Blooper Reel or The X-Wing That Never Was

When we started No Pun Included, all three of us agreed that we want to be honest and transparent. That was our motto. So far honesty was very easy, but now comes the time for transparency.

First of all, I'd like for you all to welcome Tom 'Easymode' Rollins. He's the newest addition to our team and throughout the weekend he's been hard at work with us on our X-Wing review. The review that's not being published. After hours and hours of frustrating efforts, we decided to shelve it.

So what happened? Well, simply put - we were greedy. We bit off more than we could chew. Like Icarus, we flew too close to the sun. The first thing that we never properly accounted for was the lack of time. I had to work an extra day last week, the day that we normally shoot our reviews on. Elaine is also starting a new job. As we always aim to put out one review a week, we wanted to get it done and pushed for it really hard. But X-Wing is one hell of a mammoth game and we didn't anticipate just how much time it would consume.

One of the main hurdles was the absence of a good script. I managed to cover all the bases in terms of mechanics and all the little details about the game, but there was no real depth to it. We always feel like we should dig deep and analyze the game really well, but in this case we wouldn't have been able to deliver. Time was the enemy here. The second major issue was associated with... you guessed it - time. We normally review each scene before we shoot another one, and then make changes. Since our shoot was reaching midnight, we just powered through without any reviewing. And discovered very late that a lot of the footage had major sound issues and was basically unusable.

We were left with unusable X-Wing footage and no... time... to shoot anything else. We decided to shelve it. We talked about maybe publishing a written review today but it didn't feel right either.

So what happens next? Well, X-Wing has to go on the backburner for a little while. Once again time time time is the enemy and I can't explain just how frustrating that is for us. We'll continue with our schedule otherwise and let this experience teach us to be more realistic with just how much we can handle.

And as for today, we thought it would be appropriate to share all those other times we stumbled on camera, and show you some shots of our new No Pun member Tom and also bits of salvaged footage from the X-Wing review. So here it is. Our blooper reel. It cheered us up, that's for sure.