Clank! In! Space! Review

Get ready for Jedus, Acoustic Spanners and a cranky doctor. They're all about to make some noise. Specifically, one kind of noise. It's our review of Clank! In! Space! and in space nobody can hear you make corny sci-fi references.

We admit we're late to the Clank! party and let us tell you, it is definitely a party. Last year we couldn't help hearing about Clank! from everyone and their grandmas and the grandmas were particularly excited. But we weren't. We thought it was just another deckbuilder™ - there's about one every two years that people get really excited over and it just doesn't do anything for us.

So imagine our surprise when we got to try Clank! and found that we actually very much liked it. How very much? Well, that's what the video is for.