Brass: Lancashire Review

Brass is a scary scary game. I (Efka) avoided Brass like the plague because often times I was told of this thing that looked and smelled like your math homework in hushed tones of respect, admiration and a constant reminder that you have to be very very smart to be good at it. At least smarter than an average bear and let's face it, right now I'm toe to toe with an average hamster. But, as things often are these days, beloved games get swanky new versions so we dipped our toes and found it to be... demystifying.

Board game enthusiasts will know that Brass didn't just get a nip and tuck but also an extra new version titled Brass: Birmingham. We'll leave our coverage of Birmingham for another day but fear not - it will be here soon. If our review of Lancashire tempts you, you'll certainly want to wait for the follow-up video that will help you decide between the two.