Episode Two - Blood on the UK Games Expo

Cripes. Elaine and Efka are back and they have hash browns - the scariest potato based substance. But you’re not here for hash browns (unless of course you are, in which case we direct you to your nearest cafe that serves a full English), oh no, you are here for board games. Hold on to your pants - we’ve got board games.

In our second episode we discuss a slew of games we played at UK Games Expo 2019 and there’s quite a few goodies we can’t wait to tell you about:

  • Pandemic: Rapid Response (2:22) - finally the answer to the question: what if Pandemic, but MORE stress? Does it need more stress? I don’t think I can answer that question before I chew on some valerian root.

  • Copenhagen (17:40) - Choo choo, a new train has come to town and its name is Copenhagen. And also the town’s name is Copenhagen. Everything is Copenhagen and here at NPI we are OK with that.

  • Letter Jam (30:00) - Letters are so yesterday so how about some letters that you would hate? Yes please, because let us tell you right now, Letter Jam is GREAT and you’re going to want to hear about it.

  • Blood on the Clocktower (38:57)- Closing out the episode is our discussion on our first game of perhaps the most ambitious social deduction game ever made.

And on a final note we’ve received quite a question in our mail bag but we’ll leave that for you to discover.

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