Episode Six - A Vast Schnitzel Sandwich

Hello, we have been to Germany, visited the biggest board game convention not just in North Rhine-Westphalia, but also the world. Every year Essen Spiel releases, on average, seven million new board games and we brought every single one of them home with us. We now basically live in board games and we have to walk through other board games to get to board games. Worry not, we have now played board games and we are ready to tell you all about them. Board games!

  • Era: The Medieval Age: ( 02:30 ) - Ah, medieval times. The times of castles, fields, walls, diseases and people who are dice. In this Matt Leacock game get ready to subvert a popular genre, as we step away from the era… of roll and write games and enter an era of roll and build games.

  • Vast: The Mysterious Manor: ( 13:19 ) - Team NPI finally treads the dangerous waters of reading a Vast rulebook and emerges miraculously unscathed. Vast is certainly an ambitous design following an entirely different ruleset for each player and a theme that pits fantasy archetypes in a potentially unescapable haunted house.

  • Expedition to Newdale: ( 27:50 ) - Oh my goods it’s Oh My Goods the board game. That might mean nothing or everything to you but none of that is necessary to enjoy this little engine that could and did grow into a slightly bigger board game.

  • Maracaibo: ( 43:05 ) - If you heard of cow and train super-hit Great Western Trail you might be interested to hear that it now has a spiritual follow-up set in the Carribean and featuring a fully-fledged campaign mode. Scared of the commitment required for campaign modes? You might want to give this one a listen.

  • Mailbag: ( 1:05:06 ) - Listener Matthew sent in a question about playstyles that prompted a whole discussion on how, who, where and what we play and how that informs us as reviewers. Do give this a listen, it’s a good one.

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