Episode One - Arkwright the Hedgehog

Oh no. OH NO! Run for the hills. Something very scary is lurking just around the corner. It’s a podcast from your (perhaps) favourite board game people Elaine and Efka. Yes. YES. After five, I say five, years of making No Pun Included there is finally a way to submerge yourself into the vat of sublime essence that is NPI with just your ear holes, leaving all your other body parts exposed. Beware.

In our very first episode we talk about such dangerous games as:

  • Concordia: Venus - bringing you the terror of the mighty Roman Empire and never knowing the right time to tribune.

  • Tiny Towns which is so tiny you won’t even notice it creep up behind you and plunge a 4x4 grid into your back.

  • Arkwright - giving Elaine the heebie jeebies with it’s theme of British industrialism, a.k.a - what is it that the British have done again?

  • Gentes the most dangerous kind of game of all - a mediocre euro-game.

One episode - four games. Surely that’s such a big fill of No Pun Included that you won’t have to buy pun repellent for weeks to come.

Ah, wasn’t that great? If you enjoyed this episode, drop a comment below. Unlike our YouTube videos, there’s no other sensible way for you to have a nice chat with us, or maybe even some other listeners. Who knows? You might even find a friend.

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