Episode Five - Snails, Rails and Chocolate Trails

There’s no way to preface this without saying: WE HAVE BIG NEWS ( 03:23 ). Well… Okay, I don’t want to oversell it. It’s big news for us. But if you at all care and are invested in what we do, then we definitely have BIG NEWS. Otherwise, we also have plenty of board game discussion, including such delights as:

  • Chocolate Factory: ( 07:11 ) - Can chocolate power a factory? Turns out yes! What’s even more surprising is how complicated conveyor belts are. I know what you’re thinking, “I’ve been on a travelator, it’s not that hard, I only fell down twice.” Nip that talk in the bud, conveyor belts are HARD and Chocolate Factory will teach you all about it.

  • Sabotage: ( 19:31 ) - What if Tim Fowers, the designer known for sleek elegant compact boxes with simple rule-sets went ALL OUT and exploded with cardboard, plastic and colour? Sabotage is the answer and you’ll want to hear about it.

  • Irish Gauge: ( 34:59 ) - Only a few episodes ago we talked about our very first 18xx experience, a genre of games that are all about trains and shares and they take upwards to ten hours (or sometimes more) to play. What if we told you that Irish Gauge is a game that takes only a svelte 45 minutes and its rulebook fits on an A4 sheet of paper?

  • Tapestry: ( 50:13 ) - The new Stonemaier Games game is the big talk of the town and it’s time for us to take it down town. If you live in the suburbs, better get a cab because downtown is where it’s at.

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