Episode Four - Black Angel of Perth

What’s this? A podcast caught of it’s guard? Indeed. Our podcast got so scared it accidentally produced five discussions instead of the regular three. Five board games? FIVE BOARD GAMES? In one episode of the No Pun Included podcast? Is that even legal? The answer is we don’t know but whilst we’re waiting on the decision from the Supreme Cardboard Court, we’ll slip this episode in anyway and just see what happens.

  • Rurik: Dawn of Kiev (07:43)- Safe to say that his is the first and so far only game that takes you all the way back to the ancient Kievan Rus. But, does it stand up to the chops of it’s genre predecessors Kemet, Inis and Scythe? Let’s find out.

  • QE (20:14) - Say it together with me: QUANTATIVE EASING! Wasn’t that fun? It was. What does it mean? If you turn your podcast app’s slider to the indicate timestamp - you’ll find out!

  • Adventure Games: The Dungeon (29:03) - If you’re a fan of Kosmos published escape room in a box series EXIT, you might have been eagerly anticipating their follow up called Adventure Games. Anticipate no further because…. Well, you’ll have to listen for yourself.

  • Black Angel (42:15) - On to the highlights! Black Angel is popping up on many reviewer lists as the go to darling Euro Game of the year. But so far we’ve not been getting on with it. We haven’t finished our time with it yet and our opinions might change for the inevitable review video, but if you want to hear our early thoughts - this is it.

  • Watergate (1:03:07) - Watergate is a two player only game that (gasp) has completely won us over. Don’t miss your chance to find out what makes this head to head between WaPo and Tricky Dick so special.

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