Episode Three - Eighteen Sofa Wars

Alert! Alert! The sofas have run amok and it is up to our heroes, Efka and Elaine, to put all the sofa pieces back together. What treasures will we find in the crevices? What hidden board game gems are gathering dust under those pillows?

  • Star Wars: Outer Rim ( 03:55 )- How did an ENTIRE galaxy get lost in the folds of our sofa? We will never find out, but at least we can tell you if this Star Wars themed bimble bimbled our fancy.

  • Undaunted: Normandy ( 17:44 ) - The definitive accent pillow of today's podcast is this WW2 themed deck builder. And here’s us telling you why we think it's great and… why Efka just doesn't get on with it.

  • 1846 ( 34:16 ) - Rounding out our game discussion is the one game that is definitely bigger than any sofa - 1846, which is just one flavour of the multifaceted genre of 18xx games. Find out how we felt about our first sit down onto board gaming's hardest cushions.

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