The No Pun Editorial of 2015 - a.k.a. We're Back!

This article was a long time coming. Two months actually. Two months is how long we didn't put out content for. Two months is how long we've been silent. It's how much we owe you. If you're reading this there are quite good odds that you're a fan of what we do and we just want to say we really really appreciate that.

When we started No Pun Included (or Level Up Games as it was called when we began) our motto was “transparency and honesty”, and I have to say that lately that motto has been really put up to the test. And so I'm writing this article as a sort of way of making reparations to the motto that we broke. Regardless, we are back now and working on new content.

This article also serves as a plan for the website as things move forward. Things cannot stay the same and change is good I've heard people saying. But first, let's tackle the difficult part.

What Happened

To be blunt, life happened. And reality. But that's a cop-out so let me give you the long version. The three people most directly involved with No Pun are myself (Efka), Elaine and Adam. Looking back at things objectively, I would have to admit that all three of us had different expectations, objectives and approach when it came to the project. I always saw No Pun as a long term project and had very big objectives in mind. Objectives that are very hard to reach without a dedicated budget and/or a lot of man hours of work. Let me be very clear here. In no way am I saying that Elaine's and Adam's contributions have been somehow less. In fact, I couldn't think of better people to have with me on this adventure. But time is a precious commodity and I had more of it to give and had more of a personal stake.

And down the rabbit hole I went. There were times over the last year where I spent weeks either at work or working on No Pun. And the results were never quite what I wanted. My own expectations were too high and I was never satisfied. By the time November came and I was going to Essen with Grublin Games, I think I spent every waking moment thinking about the website. Thinking about why things were not how I wanted them to be, what I could do differently, what I could change, what I could improve. And every idea I came up with was met with the overwhelming opposition of a metaphorical brick wall. Time. Budget. Man hours. Those three things always got in the way. In the end, I overloaded.

At this time a number of other things were happening as well. Most of you probably know that Elaine to me isn't just a member of No Pun Included. She's my wife, my companion, my best friend. And she's been going through a very rough couple of years herself and things caught up with her lately. Her health took a turn for the worse, her job was becoming too tasking and deaths in the family were not making things easy either. To top everything off, I had to give up my job in October and in November we took on the task of moving house. Everything got too much for everyone. We had to put a pause. We had to regroup.

What Happens Next

First - the bad news. For the foreseeable future The No Pun Show, our live chat show about board games and Kickstarter projects is off the air. It's a project that we started the website with, are very fond of and don't want to see it go. There are many reasons for putting the show on hiatus, the main of them being is our change of proximity to Adam and the fact that we moved house. Our new living arrangements are much smaller and we no longer have the ability to dedicate an entire room to just have a studio to film the show. It's entirely possible that the show will return in a different form in the future but right now it would take up too much of our time and effort to get it going again.

The good news is that we've got a lot of plans for different kinds of video content. Our main focus will be video reviews but we're looking at other types of videos. The objective remains the same. To deliver critical opinion on cardboard contraptions and have some fun along the way. And if I'm dead honest, we'll be a lot more critical. We've spent far too much time in the past trying to be overly positive just because we felt like the industry was surfing on a wave of positivity. Be sure of one thing, we want to deliver an informed, honest, respected opinion that is equally fair to the people who play games and to the people who make them.

And that's it for today, but our new video review will be live early next week. And we'll go from there. So if you're still reading this, if you're still with us – thank you for being patient and waiting for us to come back.

Love. Peace.