Now Boarding Review

You better believe it - this little wonder with wings is our game of the year so fasten your oxygen masks because so frequently this tiny box is exhilarating.

Treasure Island Review

A long time ago, in a year as far away as 2016 myself and Elaine got to play a prototype called Treasure Island. And ever since then we have been waiting to tell you about this cooky game we couldn’t quite believe we blindly stumbled onto. Now Treasure Island is a grown person with it’s quirks of personality. And most importantly, it is finally of a legal age to be reviewed. Expect rules, colouring pens and, of course, pirates. But most importantly, expect a very clever game under all that gloss.

Star Wars: Legion Review

When it comes to deep dives we're used to submerging into strategy, untangling what a game can offer mechanically. But when Asmodee got in touch with an offer of a review copy of Star Wars: Legion, I (Efka) decided that my deep dive with this game will be of a different variety.